Eating Properly

Diets and eating programs not personally supervised by a knowledgeable physician on an ongoing basis can be dangerous.  A medically sound and nutritious eating plan will be provided along with specific recommendations for you based on your medical evaluation and your lifestyle.

Physical Follow-up

Appointments will be scheduled to monitor your progress on a regular basis.  The physician and staff at Augusta Bariatric Center will:

  • Work with you in planning a lifestyle program, so that working as a team, your goals can be achieved.
  • Unless not medically advised, we will encourage you to increase your activity and exercise levels in appropriate ways.
  • Work with you in setting short term weight loss goals.
  • Work with you on achieving permanent lifestyle and eating behavior changes
  • Continue working with you on the prevention of weight gain.
  • Help you to increase your understanding of obesity in the community to foster the ultimate goal:  THE PREVENTION OF OBESITY.



Your dietary and medical history will be taken, a physical examination done, and relevant laboratory tests will be completed.  You will be checked for diabetes, hypertension, and other associated disease conditions which are frequently companions of obesity.  Cholesterol and the other blood fats will also be checked.  If you have too much fat on the outside, you are also apt to have too much fat inside, that can cause serious health problems.


Those who are physically able will benefit from daily exercise.  Exercise, in addition to burning calories, improves muscle tone and imparts a sense of well-being that is very important in assuring ongoing success in keeping the excess weight off.  Augusta Bariatric Center will evaluate your medical condition and provide you with an exercise program best suited to your needs.


When appropriate, appetite suppressant medication will be used to promote weight loss and weight maintenance.  This medication has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and has been proven to be a safe and effective medical treatment when combined with proper diet and aerobic exercise.

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